Alliance Memberships

There are three levels of corporate membership in the Alliance:


Steering Members are the leaders of the HDcctv industry.  These companies elect the Alliance board of directors, vote on matters to be decided by the Alliance, oversee Alliance finances, and ultimately determine the content of the Standard itself as well as the Alliance's market messages.  Steering Members also enjoy all of the benefits of both Manufacturing Members and Marketing Members.


Manufacturing Members are companies involved in the design and manufacture of HDcctv-compliant products.  The companies participate in the development of the Standard itself, including possibly contributing technologies for consideration by the Technical Committee for inclusion in the standard and providing input as to which Proposals are included in the Standard.  Manufacturing Members have access to the detailed compliance testing procedures, and they have the right to test products for compliance.  Manufacturing Members also enjoy all of the benefits of Marketing Members.


Marketing Members are companies involved in the distribution, sale, installation, and support of HDcctv-compliant products.  Marketing Members are able to contribute to the development of HDcctv Alliance marketing messages and promotional activities.  Marketing Members may display the HDcctv logo on compliant products sourced from Manufacturing Members.

In addition to corporate Members, individual professionals are invited to join the Alliance as Affiliate Members.  In addition to access to information not available to the general public, Affiliate Members also enjoy discounted and behind-the-scenes access at Alliance events.  Affiliate Members may participate in the HDcctv Certificate training courses offered by the Alliance and its partners from time to time. To join as an Affiliate Member, create an account on the Alliance website, and be sure to select "Affiliate Member" in the pull-down in the "personal professional membership" box near the bottom of that page.