System Design

HDcctv cameras use the latest, specialized technology for transporting HD surveillance video signals from camera housings to control room equipment.

While this specialized technology is wonderful, a bewildering numer of options are all taking off in the market.

HDcctv standards compliance eliminates confusion.

Check the compliance marks on each item of paired equipment (camera / DVR, camera / Encoder, etc.):

HDcctv 1.0        DT 2.0 TM      HDCVI 2.0 circle-r

Make sure that the compliance marks match. Then, you can be certain of out-of-the-box plug 'n' play immediately following power-up.

When designing new systems, use 2.0 equipment to get the benefits of plug 'n' play camera remote control straight up the coax, without needing any extra control wires.

You can read more about the HDcctv technical specification by clicking this link.

Does your customer have questions about which local-site transport solution you are using? The HDcctv compliance marks provide a clear answer.