HDcctv Alliance to Show Visitors the Future Pathway for Analog HD Video

At ISC West 2015, security video local-site transport standards organization HDcctv Alliance will show visitors that the HDCVI 2.0 standard facilitates migration to 720p/1080p surveillance – and beyond.


Dahua announces strategic agreement with Exar to license HDCVI technology

Exar is licensed to design, manufacture and sell high-definition analogue video solutions utilising HDCVI technology.

Dahua has made HDCVI available as a global standard, providing open access for any third party, including competing manufacturers, to use HDCVI. Partnering with the HDcctv Alliance allows manufacturers to better collaborate on implementation of HDCVI 2.0 technology – carving the path for wider and quicker market acceptance.

Zhu Jiangming, Executive Vice President at Dahua, pointed that since HDCVI is now a global standard instead of just another proprietary, sole-source analogue HD solution, Dahua is even more confident about HDCVI’s long-term prospects.

Louis DiNardo, President and CEO of Exar Corporation, comments that “By upgrading analogue cameras and video recorders to HDCVI at sites where coax has already been pulled, customers can now enjoy all the benefits of a high-definition video with a very modest investment. HDCVI technology enables transmission of HD video at distances over 500 meters on standard coaxial cable.”

Todd Rockoff, HDcctv Alliance Executive Director, said: “Specialised HD local-site transport solutions have made HD surveillance as reliable, as convenient, and as affordable as sub-HD surveillance. This license agreement between Dahua and Exar opens a new chapter for analogue HD transport: Equipment makers will soon have a choice of suppliers for HDCVI 2.0-ready components. Exar’s and Dahua’s mutual commitment to the HDCVI standards creates Plug ‘n’ Play value for end users while simultaneously creating efficiencies for equipment manufacturers and distributors.”


Market Review and Forecast: Migration to HD Surveillance

2014 was the first year that HD cameras that are as reliable, as convenient, and as affordable as sub-HD NTSC cameras became widely available.

In 2015, it is likely that buyers considering reliability and affordability will continue to show a preference for the specialised HD solutions.

Customers with challenging legacy cabling may prefer analog HD.

Customers demanding bit-perfect HD video are likely to prefer digital HD.

Customers with special needs, for example higher-than-1080p resolution, will continue to rely on Ethernet transmission.


Exar joins Dahua to champion HDCVI technology in establishing the industry standard for analog HD video surveillance.

Exar signed a strategic agreement with Dahua that licenses Exar to design, manufacture and sell analog high-definition video solutions utilizing HDCVI technology.

Zhu JiangMing, Executive Vice President of Dahua and inventor of the original HDCVI patents, said "We greatly respect Exar as a merchant semiconductor manufacturer and welcome Exar to join Dahua in serving the booming global demand for HDCVI semiconductors. The execution of this license agreement is an important step in HDCVI becoming an open, global standard".


HDCVI: The Second Generation Has Arrived

"Dahua is playing a leading role in HD analogue innovation,” said Tim Shen, Marketing Director at Dahua Technology.

The HDCVI Gen II camera line features high-performance HD sensors married with Dahua's in-house-developed DH5000 chipset. The DH5000 integrates image signal processing (ISP) with HDCVI transmission, thereby cost-effectively enabling high-fidelity HD surveillance video over any legacy CCTV infrastructure. The Gen II cameras provide crystal clear video at 1080p and 720p resolution, while achieving outstanding low-light sensitivity.

The HDcctv Alliance HDCVI 2.0 standard is based on HDCVI technology. HDCVI 2.0 compliance certification ensures a 100% multi-vendor plug ‘n’ play remote control solution between any compliant camera paired with any compliant DVR, no matter the manufacturer. 

“Dahua advocates interoperability, and the cooperation with the HDcctv Alliance accelerates the development to HD, which, undoubtedly, helps our growing customer base to enjoy more of the benefits of HD surveillance,” Shen added.


HDcctv Version 2.0 Now Available for Download

The video standards organisation the HDcctv Alliance will host a technology and product Gallery at Security China 2014, the show running in Beijing from October 28 to 31. The first certified HDcctv 2.0-compliant products will be shown by Dahua and Shany. Intersil and Semtech will show products considered for the HDcctv DT 3.0 standard.


Intersil to Demonstrate HD-SDI Video Transmitter and Receiver ICs for HDcctv Cameras and DVRs at Security China 2014

Intersil is showing a demonstration of Sony-, ZeeAnn- and Pixelworks-based HD cameras using its embedded TW6872 HD-SDI video transmitter sending digital video over coaxial cable to the TW6874 quad HD-SDI receiver embedded in a 4NSYS DVR. Intersil's TW6872 and TW6874 offer video surveillance system manufacturers an end-to-end solution enabling picture perfect, latency free video at more than 2x the distance of traditional HD-SDI solutions.


Semtech Demonstrates Next Generation of HD Video Surveillance Transmitters and Receivers at Security China 2014

GV7700 and GV7704 Enable Long-Distance Digital Transmission of High-Definition Video Beyond 300 Meters Using Coaxial Cable


Physical Security Market Exceeds $120bn

The physical security equipment and services market grew by 10.8% in 2013, according to the latest study from IHS.

Over $120 billion was spent across the world in 2013 on a variety of equipment and services, including video surveillance, access control, intruder alarms, remote monitoring services and security systems integration – with Asia in particular seeing strong market growth in video surveillance and remote monitoring services.  Any expectations that the security industry supply market would start to consolidate also appear premature, with the top 15 manufacturers and service providers accounting for only 22% of the overall market – a decrease of 3% on just 12 months ago.  

The physical security market is highly fragmented. No single company can boast a market share above 5%, proving the fragmented nature of this growing industry and the high levels of competition.


Dahua HDCVI: More international and more adoptable

Dahua Technology confirms that it has opened its patented HDCVI technology to the global video surveillance industry through the HDcctv Alliance Member Intellectual Property Agreement. 

“The partnership with HDcctv Alliance is long-term and still progressing,” said Tim Shen, Marketing Director at Dahua Technology. "Dahua and HDcctv Alliance continue developing and upgrading the AT 2.0 to AT 3.0 for more mature and wider application."


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