Certification Process


HDcctv Compliance Marks

Several compliance marks 

HDcctv Base Logo   Compliant Compliance Mark   DT 2.0 TM  HDCVI 2.0 circle-r

are managed by the HDcctv Alliance. These compliance marks are displayed under license only on certified HDcctv-compliant products and associated collateral. The marks may not be used in any other circumstances other than those prescribed in the license agreement.

HDcctv Alliance Members proudly display the compliance marks on certified compliant products, because the marks stand as a guarantee of electrical performance and universal interoperability.

The integrity of these marks is important to HDcctv Alliance Members, and the Alliance vigorously addresses unlicensed use of the marks.

The following sections detail the various compliance certification methods. The HDcctv Alliance charges Members only a modest one-time certification registration fee for each compliant product.



This HDcctv compliance certification process is available only to Steering Members and Manufacturing Members of the HDcctv Alliance.

  1. Apply the battery of HDcctv compliance certification tests appropriate for the device type (camera, DVR, IP encoder, repeater, etc.)
    • experience to date suggests that it takes about 6 hours of bench time to test a transmit or receive port for HDcctv 1.0 compliance
  2. Complete the corresponding the Receiver and/or Transmitter Test Results Form(s) for the candidate device
  3. Upload completed results to www.highdefcctv.org or submit by email to compliance@highdefcctv.org
  4. The technical committee chairman reviews the submission
    • review can take 1 day up to 1 week
  5. If all certification criteria are met, a compliance certificate is awarded for the candidate device
    • a certificate of compliance is issued
    • the device is added to the Compliant Product Finder
    • the HDcctv compliance mark may be displayed on the device, its packaging, and associated promotional material
  6. The Alliance charges a one-time certification registration fee of A$95 for each certificate issued
  7. Self-certifications are subject to review, verification, and periodic renewal
    • licensees found to have submitted an inaccurate Test Results Form may be required to use the third-party test method detailed below for a period of time


Third-Party Compliance Testing

Some Steering and Manufacturing Member of the HDcctv Alliance do not possess all of the equipment and manpower needed to apply the compliance certification test battery. Such Members are welcome to engage the services of an Authorised Test Centre (ATC). An ATC may complete the Test Results Form(s) on behalf of the certifying Member. Test fees are set by the ATC's independently of the HDcctv Alliance; for reference, testing typically costs less than $1,100 for cameras and less than $650 per DVR port.


Certification by Inheritance

Certification by inheritance is most appropriate for OEMs who do not themselves manufacture HDcctv-compliant products.

A Steering, Manufacturing, or Marketing Member of the HDcctv Alliance may secure an HDcctv compliance certificate for an own-branded variant of a product that has been independently certified HDcctv compliant.

The certifying Member follows the same steps enumerated above for self-certification. However instead of running the battery of tests on the candidate device, the Member certifying by inheritance declares the certificate number of the "parent" product from which the candidate device is derived. The certifying Member also attests that the candidate device's HDcctv transport pathways are identical to those of the "parent" product.

Inheritance information is retained only for audit purposes; the information is held by the Alliance as commercial in confidence.


Use of Compliance Marks by Distributor Members

Distributor Members of the HDcctv Alliance are permitted to display the compliance marks on sections of catalogues that exclusively pertain to HDcctv-compliant products.

The compliance marks may not be used in association with any non-certified products.