Past Events


Security China 2014

New China International Exhibition Centre

28 - 31 October, 2014

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Crowded HDcctv Gallery

HDcctv Alliance Keynote

Keynote Presentation: The Global Battle for the HD Surveillance Local-Site Transport Market

Openin     Opening Ceremony Stage View Right
Packed Entrance Hall for the Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony Media Briefing
Media Briefing after Opening Ceremony
Shany Presentation      HDcctv Press Conference at Security China 2014
Scenes from HDcctv Press Conference
HDcctv Alliance and Dahua Executives at Security China 2014
Zhong Wei, Lee Bo, Todd Rockoff, and Tim Shen

IFSEC 2014

ExCel Centre, London, UK
17 - 19 June 2014

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Invited HDcctv Alliance presentation to the IFSEC International 2014 Smart Buildings Programme

When:   Tuesday 17 June 2014
The Future of HD Surveillance in Smart Buildings
Download the presentation in PDF format
Visit the IFSEC website
              Todd Rockoff, Chairman and Executive Director, HDcctv Alliance
              Giovanni Pugliese, Founder and General Manager, Telecom & Security
Many major manufacturers have recognised end user demand for HD video, whatever the transport technology – hence their embracing of HD-SDI alongside IP cameras. Now, with the 2014 ratification of two advanced HDcctv standards, the options for providing end users with High Definition surveillance are greater than ever. What does this mean, though, for CCTV system designers and specifiers? Are HDcctv cameras cost-effective in IP-based systems? What are the ideal situations in which to choose megapixel IP cameras instead of HDcctv cameras? What will the HD systems of the future look like?


HDcctv Gallery (stand D265)

  • HD-SDI-based HDcctv 1.0-compliant equipment
  • HDCVI-based equipment in the process of being certified HDcctv 2.0 AT compliant
  • Digital transmission technologies being proposed for HDcctv 3.0 LR (Digital Long Reach)
  • Time-efficient, re-usable, high-fidelity coaxial connector solutions
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ISC West 2014

Sands Exposition Center
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
2 - 4 April, 2014

The HDcctv Alliance launched HDcctv 2.0 during ISC West 2014. The HDcctv Gallery provided an outstanding opportunity to see the latest HDcctv semiconductor and connector technologies, and to view HD-SDI-based and HDCVI-based solutions side by side.

ISCW 2014 HDcctv Gallery

HDcctv Gallery at ISC West


CPSE 2013

The 14th China Public Security Exposition
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
29 October - 1 November 2013

During CPSE 2013, Dahua and the HDcctv Alliance announced that, as part of the overall strategy to support diverse transport technologies meeting distinct market requirements, HDCVI was selected as the technical basis for HDcctv 2.0 AT.

 AT plaque presentation

 Mr. Fu, Dahua Chairman; Mr. Zhu, Dahua Executive Vice President; and Dr. Rockoff, HDcctv Alliance Executive Director


ASIS International 2013

McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, USA
24 - 26 September 2013

Click here for an overview of the ASIS exhibition.

The HDcctv Alliance held an open information session, followed by our Fourth Annual General Meeting.


SMPTE Australia 2013

Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW, Australia
23 - 26 July 2013

Click here for an overview of SMPTE Australia 2013.

HDcctv Alliance executive director Todd Rockoff gave a presentation highlighting the differences between SMPTE 292M HD-SDI and the HDcctv standard. Click here to download a PDF of the presentation.



Secutech 2013

NanKang Exhibition Center, Taipei Taiwan
24 - 26 April 2013

Click here for an overview of Secutech.

Many HDcctv Alliance Member companies exhibited at the show, and some also participated in the multi-vendor HDcctv / HD-SDI demonstration.

Technical Presentation: Semtech – Gennum Products

Presenter: Gareth M. Heywood, Video Products Market Manager
HDcctv connectivity continues to be the most reliable and efficient way to transmit HD video surveillance signals within local sites. As more and more HDcctv products enter the market, the need for specialized features and functions to meet a broad range of surveillance applications is required. This presentation introduced several concepts for advancing HDcctv interface technology, and it introduced next-generation requirements for HDcctv 2.0 and beyond.

Technical Presentation: Webgate

Presenter: Leslie Park, Marketing Director
WEBGATE - Understands IP and Drives HDcctv. The advantages of HDcctv; The advantages of WEBGATE’s HDcctv solutions. HDcctv interoperability - Compatibility with analog - Compatibility with IP. Success stories drawn from years of experience and hundreds of mid-size project examples.

Special lecture during GDSF Asia 2013:
Enhancements in the HDcctv Standard: 2.0, CX, and XR

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Speaker: Todd E. Rockoff, Ph.D., Executive Director, HDcctv Alliance

  • Migration to HD surveillance
  • Local-site transport technologies for HD video: Ethernet and HDcctv
  • Key differences between the HDcctv standard and the various SDI specifications
  • 2013 enhancements of HDcctv
    • HDcctv 2.0: Bi-directional data communications and audio
    • HDcctv XR: > 200m transmission over regular RG-59 coaxial cable
    • HDcctv CX: transmission over Cat-5e or Cat-6 infrastructure

This lecture included the first public announcement:

  • Technical basis for the HDcctv CX PHY
  • Corporate agreements enabling HDcctv CX implementations

Click here to download the presentation as a PDF file


ISC West 2013

Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
10 - 12 April 2013

Click here for an overview of ISC West.

Hundreds of manufacturers showed more than a thousand HDcctv products; evidence of continually building momentum for the HDcctv product category.


Intersec 2013

International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, U.A.E.
Tuesday 15 January - Thursday 17 January 2013

Several HDcctv Alliance Members, including Dubai-based Proline UK and IPTEC, featured HDcctv products during this trade show. Whereas Intersec 2012 had very little HDcctv products in evidence, HDcctv products were the #1 innovation on display at Intersec 2013.

Saleem Murad Ali Allahdin Todd Rockoff

Saleem Murad, Ali Allahdin, and Todd Rockoff at the Proline UK stand

HDcctv at Intersec 2013


Security China 2012 & HDcctv Alliance 2012 Annual General Meeting

The 11th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security
China International Exhibition Center (New Center), Beijing, P.R.China
3 - 6 December 2012

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HDcctv Alliance executive director Todd Rockoff presented the Worldwide Migration to HD Surveillance (download the presentation by clicking the link):

  • HD surveillance market overview
  • Technical differentiation between HDcctv and “HD-SDI"


The HDcctv Alliance also held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) Banquet in Beijing during the show:

  • Reviewed Alliance finances
  • Elected board of directors
  • Discussed HD surveillance market
  • Awarded Leadership plaque to Webgate for promoting and certifying HDcctv-compliant products



 Webgate's Leslie Park receives the 2012 Leadership Award at the AGM


HDcctv Testimonials at IFSEC 2012: CSST

Frank Lin of leading China security solution provider China Security & Surveillance Technologies

HDcctv Testimonials at IFSEC 2012: CalSys

Kersam Liu of Silicon Valley-based equipment maker and total solution provider CalSys

HDcctv Update at IFSEC 2012: Alliance Executive Director Todd Rockoff

Todd Rockoff is the founder, chairman, and executive director of the HDcctv Alliance

IFSEC 2012 reflected accelerating adoption of HDcctv cameras

National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham UK
14 - 17 May 2012

The number of HDcctv product demonstrations on the IFSEC show floor has grown exponentially

  • 2009: Zero
  • 2010: Two
  • 2011: Eight
  • 2012: more than One Hundred (with most of the stands that showed any HDcctv products showing full product ranges)

Some UK OEMs reported that they are selling hundreds of HDcctv cameras per month. The UK market appears particularly well positioned to embrace the HDcctv value proposition.

The HDcctv Alliance hosted a special Networking Night

  • Attended by 
    • Surveillance Professionals
    • Security Industry Media
    • HD Equipment Manufacturers
    • Designers of HDcctv-Ready Chips for HDcctv-Compliant Products

We mingled over a bite and a drink while wating out the post-show traffic. A lot of people enjoyed it! (With the possible exception of one Mr. Conway ;^)

IF12 Frank Tom Todd Titus
At the networking night, from left to right: Frank Lin (CSST), Tom Stengel (Stretch), Todd Rockoff (HDcctv Alliance), and Titus te Strake (Kiwi Semiconductor)

The HDcctv Networking Night was sponsored by these HD Surveillance leaders:

IFSEC 2012 Networking Night Sponsors



Secutech 2012 achieved a high water mark for HD surveillance.

NanKang Exhibition Center, Taipei Taiwan
18 - 20 April 2012

Secutech presented further improvements for the HD surveillance market, and for HDcctv in particular. The Secutech HDcctv Gallery, one of the show's largest booths, was packed with Non-IP HD equipment, including HDcctv-compliant cameras and DVRs. The Gallery also featured demonstrations of the innovative semiconductors that are being designed into a second generation of HDcctv products that perform even better than their forebears and cost even less to manufacture.

Several Alliance Members presented lectures at the Global Digital Surveillance Forum held in association with Secutech.

The HDcctv Gallery was located directly adjacent the expanded HD Product Excellence Awards. The Awards pavilion presented simultaenous live views of a common scene from a variety of HD surveillance cameras. Some stark differences between all of the Non-IP HD cameras and some of the MP IP cameras were evident:

  • Video Quality: Beautiful / Iconsistent. See a side-by-side comparison here. (Be sure to select full HD for the clearest view.)
  • Latency: Instant / Laggy
  • Set-up: Easy / Cumbersome
  • On-Site Network: Simple / Complex
  • Display: TV / Computer Monitor

Not all of the MP IP cameras performed poorly on all of these points; however, each was at a disadvantage on at least one of these comparison points. MP IP cameras are ideal for many HD surveillance applications. However, it is clearly no longer the case that Ethernet is the best transmission medium for every HD video channel in the world.

The HDcctv Gallery, HD Excellence Awards, Seminars, and Networking Event were sponsored these industry leaders:

HDcctv Gallery Sponsors

A&S generously provided promotional opportunities, including the HDcctv Gallery, an overview in the Secutech 2012 Show Guide, and an article in one of the Show Dailys, asking "What is Your Strategy for HD Surveillance?"

ST12 Floor Plan            ST12_Show_Guide_Ad
Eyenix exhibited the world's first Quad Receiver chip for HDcctv-compliant DVRs:

From left to right, Jon Hwang, Eyenix CEO, and Todd Rockoff, Alliance executive director. (At the extreme lower right, you can see a prototype HD field monitor from Wonwoo that is designed explicitly for HDcctv cameras.)

Here is a picture of part of the HDcctv Gallery tower, and a collage of the booth setup:

Tower Art
Setup collage


Special Networking Event: HDcctv Celebration

Photo    Photo


ISC West 2012 hosted the first-ever HDcctv Gallery.

Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas Nevada
28 - 30 March 2012

The ISC West HDcctv Gallery, facilitated by Nadatel, featured history's first multi-vendor Non-IP HD interoperability demonstration, powered by PESA's HDcctv-compliant 16x16 matrix switcher. Visitors also had an opportunity to experience the capabilities of next-generation silicon from Stretch, Eyenix, and Nextchip targeting HDcctv-compliant cameras and DVRs.


HDcctv Gallery Sponsors

The HDcctv Gallery was conveniently located near the main entrance to the show floor:

ISC West 2012 Floor Plan

Dan Holland setting up PESA's HDcctv-compliant 16x16 matrix:

 Dan Holland setup IS12

HDcctv Gallery at show open:

HDcctv Gallery

HDcctv Networking Event:



HDcctv Alliance executive director Todd Rockoff gave keynote presentation at SECON 2011

Korea's premier annual security industry conference

Held at COEX conference center in Seoul Monday, 28 November, 2011

Conference programme is available here (Korean language)

Dr. Rockoff's presentation (in English) is posted here.


Webgate Hosted a Technical Forum for Security Installers in Malaysia November 2011

An HDcctv introduction was presented by HDcctv compliance leader Webgate and partners in Kuala Lumpur 3 November 2011

~ 75 Security Installers and Integrators attended

Webgate Audience Webgate Demo Setup Webgate Demos


HDcctv Technical Forum during CPSE 2011

What: Short presentations, followed by hands-on demos

Where: Shangri-La Futian Hotel

When: 2:30pm, Monday 31 October 2011

150 people attended

Host: CSST

Co-Sponsors: HDcctv Alliance, CSST, CalSys, Webgate, PESA, and China Public Security Magazine


HDcctv Annual General Meeting and Awards 20 September 2011

The HDcctv Alliance held its second Annual General Meeting during ASIS 2011.

Webgate received the Compliance Certification Leadership award, for having been the first company ever to have earned an HDcctv compliance certificate. Leslie Park attended the AGM to receive the award for Webgate.

The following executives were recognized for each having been among the first to recognize the market potential for HDcctv:

  • Gareth Heywood
  • Michael Kimball
  • Craig Lytle
  • Craig Scott
  • Seol, Chang Hoon
  • Yuesheng Stone Zhou

Some of the attendees gathered for the AGM:

Group at AGM

From left to right: Kersam Liu (CalSys), Dan Holland (PESA), Frank Lin (CSST), Gareth Heywood (Semtech), Craig Lytle (Stretch), Leslie Park (Webgate), John Hudson (Semtech), Bharat Tailor (Semtech)


Stonesonic President Stone Zhou receives recognition for his contribution to the HDcctv industry:

Stone Zhou Visionary Award plaque

From left to right: Frank Lin (CSST), Todd Rockoff (HDcctv Alliance), Stone Zhou (CSST), Arnold Huang (CSST)



Beijing Technical Forum 23 August 2011

The HDcctv Alliance, in conjunction with Member companies CalSys and Stonesonic,  provided a seminar about HDcctv attended by the press and senior members of the China Ministry for Public Safety. More than 250 system integrators attended.


Click here to read the keynote address as a PDF


Here are some photos of the audience:

BJ Tech Forum Audience 1          BJ Tech Forum Audience 2

BJ Tech Forum Audience 3

Here are photos of the press conference:

Press Conf 1         Press Conf 2

James Liu, CEO of Forum organizer CalSys:

CalSys CEO James Liu


Inaugural Annual General Meeting of the HDcctv Alliance

13 October, 2010
Dallas, TX, USA

First AGM of HDcctv Alliance 

2010 Annual General Meeting