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HDcctv 2.0 was ratified in February, 2014, and the HDcctv Alliance was announced as the custodian of the HDCVI n.0 compliance marks in October, 2014. 


DT 2.0 TMHDcctv DT 2.0 (for "Digital Transmission") is based on HDcctv 1.0, which in turn is based on SMPTE 292M HD-SDI. DT cameras transmit bit-perfect HD surveillance. 2.0-compliant DVRs offer 100% multi-vendor plug 'n' play up-the-coax remote control with 2.0-compliant cameras.


HDCVI 2.0 circle-rHDCVI 2.0 (formerly "HDcctv AT 2.0" for "Analogue Transmission") is based on Dahua HDCVI technology. HDCVI cameras transmit HD surveillance over any legacy CCTV cable. 2.0-compliant DVRs offer 100% multi-vendor plug 'n' play up-the-coax remote control with 2.0-compliant cameras.

 HDcctv Alliance events are devoted to increasing awareness of specialized HD surveillance local-site transport solutions and standards.

The On-Going Battle for the Specialized HD Surveillance Local-Site Transport Market

Surveillance has gone IP: Nearly every new surveillance camera can be accessed via the Internet.
Surveillance is on its way to HD: More than 10% of surveillance cameras sold worldwide in 2013 were HD cameras.
When will the migration to HD surveillance be complete?
There are several possible technical obstacles to mainstream adoption of HD surveillance, but most of these obstacles appear to have been conquered by current mainstream technologies:

  • Lenses are cost-effective for surveillance at 1080p resolution and beyond.
  • Image sensors are suitable for up to 1080p30 surveillance.
  • Camera image processing chips generate high-quality HDTV signals.
  • Diverse compression solutions have been proven for HD surveillance
  • Continually evolving hard disk drive technology seems to keep pace with the increasing storage demands presented by HD forensic evidence
  • Internet has been proven adequate for remote viewing and control of HD cameras

None of the technologies listed above appears to be holding back the move to HD.
One technical issue has been holding back universal adoption of HD surveillance: Local-site transport.

  • The local-site transport solution conveys a video signal from the camera mount to somewhere else in the video surveillance system, within the secured building.

Specialized Local-Site Transport Technologies (known as Digital HD and Analogue HD) have bridged the gap, enabling the mainstream security market to move rapidly to 100% HD surveillance.


HDcctv Gallery Demonstrations

  • Digital Solutions: DT 2.0 Capabilities and DT 3.0 Technologies
  • Analogue Solutions: HDCVI 1.0- and 2.0-Compliant Cameras & DVR, 100% Multi-Vendor Plug 'n' Play and HDCVI 3.0 technologies
  • Time-efficient, re-usable, high-fidelity coaxial connector solutions

Visit the HDcctv Gallery at any of these trade shows to see the latest technology in action:

  • Intersec 2015, Dubai
  • ISC West 2015, Las Vegas
  • IFSEC 2015, London
  • CPSE 2015, Shenzhen

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